In a recent news story, System High President and CEO Rob Howe spoke with WashingtonExec. Below is a portion of the entire article, which can be found on the WashingtonExec website.

By Adam Stone

At System High, President and CEO Rob Howe is aiming to raise the bar on national security. He’s looking beyond just cybersecurity, urging a more holistic and wider-ranging approach to securing diverse federal assets.

We caught up with Howe to talk how that vision might play out in support of federal agencies and the GovCon community.

What’s the big challenge you’re looking to solve?

One of the most critical challenges facing national security is the escalating theft of technologies that degrades our military and Intelligence dominance. Unfortunately, we as a country continue to remain more reactive than proactive in our efforts to slow down these activities.

That said, we need to help the national security community leaders understand that being compliant with traditional security requirements is not enough to defend and defeat current and emerging adversarial threats.

How can agencies and GovCons move beyond a “compliance” mentality?

The solution is to adopt a new mindset, one that incorporates critical thinking and analytical problem-solving, while encouraging innovation and developing a more collaborative community of interest that shares best practices to preserve our U.S. warfighting and intelligence overmatch.

Read the entire WashingtonExec interview here.