Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk Management

System High Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) services and platform options are created to take nonexistent, noncompliant, or underperforming SCRM programs and move them beyond compliance. Our SCRM services are customized and developed to each customer’s precise needs, and are designed to be adaptable to Defense, Intelligence, Civil, and commercial organizations.

We help illuminate your supply chain, identify possible threats and choke points, mitigate threats, and protect information and assets.

Enterprise program management is critical to SCRM mission success, ensuring quality service and platforms built on tailored processes and procedures. A standard creation includes:

  • Concept of operations and procedures aligned to governing policies
  • Key performance indicators and objectives and key results development
  • Incident response plans
  • SCRM training and education programs
  • Internal and external branding and marketing of SCRM capabilities
  • Continuous analysis and reports of platform activities