The System High Advantage—Tailored Proactive Protection Lifecycle Approach

System High looks at the world differently to ensure National Security is preserved from the moment game changing capabilities are conceived, brought into reality, and advanced through next gen iterations and beyond. Our work demands the best and brightest in the areas of traditional security, program protection, cybersecurity, technology protection engineering, supply chain risk management, counterintelligence, counter insider threat, and international security. System High consistently delivers enduring solutions built around our Proactive Protection services.

Instead of following traditional organization structures defined by customers, locations, or functional areas, our operations business units mirror the entire acquisition lifecycle encompassing science and technology and acquisition and operations, complemented by special programs and strategic space protection. Each business unit provides overarching protection services to organizations across the U.S. Government and commercial sectors.


Effectively protecting disruptive science and technology (S&T) capabilities while accommodating accelerated progress is essential to our National Security. System High delivers Proactive Protection solutions and services designed to preserve secrecy, surprise, and superiority of technologies, capabilities, and operations for their lifespan. We analyze and create protection strategies and enhanced protection methodologies for unprecedented technologies and are responsible for contributing to influential policies, laws, and regulations. Our work is further embedded by collaborating with key stakeholders to develop and incorporate a lifecycle protection mindset as a critical element of program success. S&T Protection strategies and architectures are optimized by designing and introducing them at the beginning of an effort, with enhanced protection capabilities integrated and continuously evaluated to maximize short- and long-term effectiveness that includes a seamless transition into acquisitions and operations.

Acquisition and Operations

Maintaining technological and operational superiority across defense, intelligence, and federal sectors of the government is essential to the United States and U.S. allies continuing to fulfill national and global responsibilities. As changes occur affecting mission performance and requirements, the definition of what constitutes “state of the art”, coupled with evolving adversarial threats, require proactive protections strategies, architectures, and countermeasures that are continuously evaluated to predict and mitigate shortfalls before they degrade critical overmatch capabilities. Just as each operating environment is different, System High tailors and executes proactive protection strategies, solutions, and contingencies for each technology, capability, and operation to minimize risk of compromise and exposure of disruptive and exquisite capabilities throughout their collective lifecycles and beyond.

Special Programs

Even in classified environments, special programs and activities exist that require enhanced levels of protection beyond traditional security compliance. These environments demand proven operational and engineering mission protection solutions that predict and mitigate operational threats and vulnerabilities. Special programs exist throughout lifecycles and are protected within different categories and types of Special Access Programs (SAPs), Controlled Access Programs (CAPs), GAMMA sub-compartments, Sensitive Source Reporting Programs (SSRPs), Alternative Compensatory Control Measures (ACCMs), and other compartmented information categories. System High subject matter leaders and experts have decades of delivering proven innovation, critical thinking, and analytical problem-solving, instrumental in preserving some of the Nation’s most sensitive programs and operations.

Strategic Space Protection

As a contested warfighting domain with adversaries vying to dominate in peace or war, space is an extremely complex security environment. Allied, partner, and commercial space activities further complicate the challenges of keeping peace in this battlespace while also presenting opportunities for collaboration. Preserving space/counterspace capabilities and resiliency are critical in achieving and sustaining U.S. military and intelligence superiority, as well as global economic stability and prosperity. Critical thinking and analytical problem-solving are required to deliver enduring cradle-to-grave protection through sound policy development, training, predictive analysis, validation, and enhanced protection methodologies to preempt evolving threats and global events. For more than 15 years, System High has established a strong reputation helping the defense and intelligence communities deliver uncompromised spacepower technologies and capabilities necessary to survive, sustain, and win across the entire space spectrum. In addition to defense programs, System High has leveraged its expertise to help advance and protect commercial space activities.

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