Classified IT

Proactive Protection Secure Holdings Risk-reduction and Equipment Destruction (P2 SHRED)

P2 SHRED is an end-to-end mobile destruction solution to reduce the growing backlog of sensitive and classified IT equipment.

System High launched its classified IT destruction capability in 2019 to address the growing concern of organizations accumulating sensitive IT equipment. Our solution is designed to meet the most stringent sanitization requirements established for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. Members of our cleared workforce will conduct an inventory review to assess the scope of your unique needs. We have an initial planning meeting before beginning work to include access requirements, workspace, and Cognizant Security Agency (CSA)-specific requirements.

System High offers P² SHRED services via two models: Distributed Services and Centralized Services. Distributed sanitization services onsite at your facility under your purview, where our cleared Disassembly Team will come to your location to conduct de-manufacturing and risk reduction activities of the backlog of sensitive and classified IT equipment. We also offer centralized services to best serve the needs of our current and prospective clients in and around the National Capital Region. System High established an accredited destruction facility with secure warehouse storage and sanitization operations. Clients can choose to bring or ship their materials to our facility, or we can deploy a team to inventory and pick up materials based on their preference. 

In addition to sanitization services and secure storage, P² SHRED can support inventory and logistics management with cleared support personnel based on your mission needs. 

To find out if our distributed or centralized services work best for your needs, or to learn more about P² SHRED’s service offerings, you can reach out to the team at