Proactive Protection

System High Proactive Protection is the most comprehensive approach to sustaining secrecy and surprise for our nation’s most sensitive national security programs.

System High Proactive Protection services and training help customers develop, deliver, and sustain uncompromised capabilities, technologies, acquisitions, and mission operations throughout predefined lifecycles. Our solutions are tailored to address your immediate and long-term requirements to achieve or sustain secrecy, surprise, and superiority in space, cyber, ground, air, and sea.

Tailored Proactive Protection Services

System High applies the most rigorous and thorough processes to developing comprehensive protection programs. For more information on our capabilities and services in Lifecycle Protection, Training, and Innovation please click the links at the top of the page.


Facilitate stakeholders and develop protection success criteria together


Design overarching protection strategy defined by protection success criteria


Continuously validate and refine to ensure protection strategies’ long-term effectiveness

Our modular Proactive Protection services are developed to support compressed timelines critical
to preserving immediate and long-term capabilities essential to U.S. technological overmatch.


Make a difference and
empower others.